• Christopher David Kaufman

    Christopher David Kaufman

    Looking at emergent forces in Bots, BlockChain & IoT at the Business Enterprise level. Chief Strategist at a Fortune 100 Technology Firm (Opinions are my Own).

  • Laura Rensing

    Laura Rensing

    My life goal is to prove the value of the creative sector. Board Member of Exposition Review lit journal. Founder of 1099 Creative - www.the1099creative.com

  • Vance Garrett

    Vance Garrett

    Creative producer at the convergence of art, culture, innovation, commerce & community

  • Micaela Ortego

    Micaela Ortego

    I don't know what's happening to me, I seemed to be unraveling.

  • Edwardknoeckel


  • Hugo Guillermo Olivares

    Hugo Guillermo Olivares

  • Kamil Tyebally

    Kamil Tyebally

    Founder | Early Spring. Here are some musings: https://earlyspringcreative.com/Thinking

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